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A Little About Me

Hey there! 

If you are reading this, I am guessing you got through "An Introduction" in which I told you a bit about the process I went through to start a blog. Thanks for checking it out! 
I wanted to share more about myself, so that going forward some of my references to things in my life would make more sense! 
I am Gail (gasp!) and I currently reside in Waco, Texas. And, no, I didn't watch a lot of Fixer Upper... But I found my way down here regardless! 
I work full time as a Geotechnical Engineer here in Waco. What is that you ask?? It means I deal with soil and foundations and all the good stuff that hold buildings up. I love dirt and I don't care how weird that sounds (or is)! I am also a certified yoga teacher, but due to my recent move to Waco, I don't have a job set up here to teach yet. 
I am a mom to an amazing 3.5 year old boy, Connor (affectionately called Con-Man). He is sweet, loving, energetic, funny, talkative and smart. He goes to daycare full time …

An Introduction

Hello and welcome to my very first blog post! 

Thank you SO much for being here. I have wanted to start blogging for maybe 2 years now. But how intimidating is that?! In a world FULL of gorgeous blogs that appear to be written effortlessly and decorated with perfect photographs, I couldn't help but ask myself, "who would want to read MY blog?" "What do I have to offer that would bring anyone here to read my story??" 
As I tackled those fraudy feelings, I did further research into how to start a blog and I was hit by all the "rules" of the blogging world.. "make sure you have a niche for your blog" followed by another article warning "don't narrow your blog's focus so much that you narrow your potential audience." 
Okay, so I am supposed to focus on something, but not too hard?? Is that it? Hello, hurdle #2. 
When I finally decided to put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard?), I bit the bullet and went to a very popular web design…