A Reflection

Hey y'all!
Today (tomorrow as I write this) is kind of a big deal! Today marks 1 month alcohol free for me. 
I would love to scream from the rooftops about how good I am feeling, and yet I have been putting off writing this post. Because, despite this being my very personal journey with alcohol, talking about the benefits I have felt physically and mentally from ditching the booze just feels preachy. And let's face it, alcohol intake can be a touchy subject. So I am going to come at this post from a different angle...
The course I am taking aims to unveil the truths behind alcohol and addiction so that ditching the booze does not become a willpower struggle - it just makes sense. There are a few truths I'd like to mention from this course that have really impacted my thoughts around alcohol. I'd like to share them with you and break them down a bit, because even if you aren't struggling with alcohol, you likely know someone who is. 
Here they are..
1. Alcohol is a addic…

Wear the Aviators

Hey beautiful soul!

I am here today to share something I have been working on. And that would be taking up space.

Yup, space. And lots of it. And in all the ways - physical, emotional, spiritual, vibrational, vast, beautiful SPACE.

This post was actually inspired by a recent purchase I made - a pair of aviator sunglasses. Let me tell you, this girl loves sunglasses. I mean, I have probably had close to 50 pairs over the last 10 years - tons of wacky colors and shapes, I love them all! But I have never owned a pair of aviators.

And here's why.. because at some point in life we often tell ourselves we cant have (or do) certain things. At some point in my life, I decided to tell myself the story that aviators don't look good on me, I look goofy wearing them, I will draw too much attention from them because I look funny and no one will take me seriously. And this is the story I have built around myself and a style of sunglasses.

Now, I realize typing this out sounds ridiculous. Bu…

A Lesson in Patience

Hey hey!

So, it has been a minute since my last post! 

I am happy to say that yesterday marked 2 weeks alcohol free for me! And turns out, I am (usually) already digging it! But more on that another time. 

Today I am here to tell y'all a story. 

This is a story of patience. Good ol' alcohol-free grit your teeth patience. And if you know me, you know that patience has never been my strong suit... at all. 

This weekend was one for the books. I can only imagine it was our turn for some sort of parental-right-of-passage-shit-show-vacation that everyone goes through at some point.  So if you are waving your hand and nodding your head, I see you and I hear you!  

My story starts a week back or so. I had a flight booked for my self and my 3 year old son, Connor, to go visit our family in Massachusetts over Easter weekend. We were going to be leaving on the Thursday before the holiday weekend. I booked an early flight out of Dallas but didn't really think about quite how early we were g…

Leveling Up

Well, Hello! 

Thank you for finding your way back here! And a special thank you to those who have subscribed to my blog! You know how to make a girl feel loved. 

I am about to take a leap of faith and be extra raw and vulnerable with y'all today. As I sit here about to type these words, I can't believe I am going to share something that has felt shameful for so long, with the rest of the world, in one of my very first blog posts. 

But shame is a funny thing. It feeds off living in hiding, off being secretive. The more you hide what causes you shame, the stronger it grows.  It needs to be put in the light, in the forefront, so it's power can be taken away. Shame is one of the hardest feelings I have had to tackle in my journey to health and happiness, along with guilt. But after sharing my source of shame yesterday in my closest community (and what I was going to do about it) I felt Strength. Empowerment. Bravery. Lightness. Support. And I certainly didn't feel alone. I fe…

A Little About Me

Hey there! 

If you are reading this, I am guessing you got through "An Introduction" in which I told you a bit about the process I went through to start a blog. Thanks for checking it out! 
I wanted to share more about myself, so that going forward some of my references to things in my life would make more sense! 
I am Gail (gasp!) and I currently reside in Waco, Texas. And, no, I didn't watch a lot of Fixer Upper... But I found my way down here regardless! 
I work full time as a Geotechnical Engineer here in Waco. What is that you ask?? It means I deal with soil and foundations and all the good stuff that hold buildings up. I love dirt and I don't care how weird that sounds (or is)! I am also a certified yoga teacher, but due to my recent move to Waco, I don't have a job set up here to teach yet. 
I am a mom to an amazing 3.5 year old boy, Connor (affectionately called Con-Man). He is sweet, loving, energetic, funny, talkative and smart. He goes to daycare full time …